Online contracting & licensing management

Pre-built report templates

Quick clicks for basic stats

Need to look up a simple metric, like new leads by date or the number of cases in a particular status? Use our pre-built templates to save time.

Customizable reporting

Analytics on demand

Build reports that show you the data you need, then save them for future use. Copy, run, or export a saved report to .csv with just one click.

Customizable reporting
Sales & productivity forecasting

At-a-glance pipeline management

Our version of a heads-up display

The dashboard automatically displays key metrics like new leads, policies pending, and premium placed. Get the updates you want without running a single report.

Sales & productivity forecasting

Setting goals, exceeding expectations

Use reports to analyze your pipeline – pull cases by status to see what you can add to your bottom line…or what part of your sales process needs help.

Sales & productivity forecasting
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