Lead Management

Everything you need to source, distribute, track, nurture, and convert leads.

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Automated lead-to-sale conversion campaign follow-ups

Automated lead-to-sale conversion campaign follow-ups

Optimize the sales cycle

Use Insureio’s status rules to create automatic opportunities for up-sell, cross-sell, and referrals – and let them run in the background of every completed sale.

Automated lead workflow management

A seamless client experience

Build your workflow with custom status types and rules that trigger automated e-mails, call reminders, and more to help prospects through the buyer’s journey.

Automated lead workflow management
Sales Opportunity tracking

Opportunity tracking

Lead management, simplified

Your dashboard displays lead opportunities for you and your team. See a client’s name, time zone, status, follow-up required, and assigned team member.

Lead routing & assignment

Systematized distribution

Set up routing rules that automatically assign leads to you or a team member based on brand, referrer, or source. A great tool for agencies or multi-brand producers.

Lead routing & assignment
lead profiles & branding

Variable lead profiles & branding

More brands, more leads

Managing leads from multiple sources, each with its own brand? Insureio can sort leads by brand, as well as by referrer or source within a brand.

Automated lead nurture campaign follow-ups

Create relevant interactions

Build campaigns that mix automated lead nurture e-mails with tasks that prompt you to follow up. Let Insureio remind you which leads need your attention.

Automated lead nurture campaign follow-ups
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